GoFundMe – Liam McGarry TeamBU Rugby Player

Liam is one of our TeamBU Rugby athletes, just finished university and was on his way to celebrate the ending of exams by attending Summer ball. He had prior pain in his lower legs and back but no one could have foreseen the complications that arose. When it came to the getting off the bus, he couldn’t move his legs. There was a serious problem at hand and thanks to the quick thinking of the emergencies services that attended to him, they managed to get him out of the bus by cutting a hole in the roof in order to evacuate him and get him to the necessary medical facilities.

The rest of the rugby team have shown true Sportsmanship qualities over the last weeks. They’ve took it in turns to visit Luke at hospital and have now set up a “Go Fund Me” donations page to cover care costs and help support his rehabilitation. The donations also ensure he is with his family during this terrible time, and that he receives the best treatment possible. The group has raised 67% (as you can see below) of their overall target which we believe is amazing, but they still need our help to donate as much/ as little as possible to reach their overall goal.

Click the image above or follow this link to visit the Rugby teams “Go Fund Me” page. There are full details of Liam’s situation as well as the means to donate toward his recovery. Please read and take a moment to appreciate how much the student rugby team have done and what we can do to further this brilliant case of Bournemouth University Team Spirit.



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