Bournemouth University, SportBU, Mens Gymnastics, Straddle,TeamBUThis was one of two 2017 Qualifying events for the British championships which will be held in September 2017.

Edward has prepared well for this event although had only this year completed his first ever 14 tariff difficulty. In Mixed emotions is the best way I can describe the results of this event. His 1st set routine was successfully averaging around 8.6/10 which was enough to qualify. The 2nd routine was one of his most well performed he had completed but on his bounce out he lost his control and fell onto the mats at the end of the trampoline, this meant he lost 1 whole mark from each judge which denied his opportunity to qualify and he came 2nd.

Quote: – Edward – “This competition has filled me with confidence to train harder and make sure I qualify at the next spring series event”.

Coach Names: Brian Camp, Nigel Rendell

Event Summary: 3 Complete routines, Huge improvement over the last 3 months, Close to qualifying, Silver medal overall.

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