Alice Kozlowski represented BU at the BUCS English and Welsh Women’s Golf Championship with 6 other BU students.

The Championship was played on the 29th, 30th and 31st March at West Lancashire golf club in Liverpool.

The first round was played in windy conditions with occasional downpours which made the links course play much harder than normal. After a poor start Alice was already two over par on the first three holes, however she managed to finish three over par leaving her in second place.

The second day started with much harder conditions as the rain was much heavier for the front nine where I was two over par. She maintained this score for the back nine to finish at two over and once again in second place. The final round the rain had stopped however it was far windier making the course play different from previous rounds. After a good start she finished the front 9 level and leading by two shots which she increased to a 5 shot lead after 18.

Bournemouth University, SportBU, TeamBU, BUCSThe result was an amazing accomplishment especially against a strong field of competitors but also to deal with varying weather conditions which is part of why Golf is so demanding. Winning the English and Welsh Championships will only help build confidence leading into the BUCS Tour Finals but has also now cut her handicap to 1.

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