bucs trampoliningBournemouth University Trampoline Club had its most successful BUCS Nationals to date with two Gold Medals, a Men’s Team Silver, three finalists (including gold medal winners) with two further top twenty finishes.

Of the three finalists, Matt Shepherd and Edward Weeden qualified in first place for their finals whilst Jack Durham qualified in second place, producing BUTC a Silver Medal in the Men’s Team event whilst earning Bournemouth University some welcomed BUCS Points.

Jack Durham and Matt Shepherd, at their last BUCS Nationals for Bournemouth University won gold in their respective grades.

For half of the competitors competing, it was their first time competing at BUCS Nationals with some promising displays. Jamie Johnston at his first Nationals hit a PB in his second routine whilst Sarah Dickinson placed her highest ever position in her individual grade.

Edward Weeden and Jack Durham provided another top twenty place finish with 7th in their Synchronised competition on the Sunday morning.

Competitor Grade Final Placing
Edward Weeden BUCS Elite Men 8th/12 (qualified final 1st)
Jack Durham BUCS 1 Men 1st/19 (qualified final 2nd)
Sian Delaney BUCS 1 Women 24th/38
George Dearden BUCS 3 Men 17th/30
Isla Robson BUCS 3 Women 39th/62
Jamie Johnston BUCS 5 Men 30th/31 (second routine fourth best in his category)
Matt Shepherd BUCS 6 Men 1st/30 (qualified final 1st)
Sarah Dickinson BUCS 6 Women 16th/99
Jess Cavey BUCS 6 Women 65th/99
Hazel Fransch BUCS 6 Women 88th/99
Ed Weeden & Jack Durham BUCS 1 Synchro 7th/20

teambu dragonThe team will now head into the final two league competitions of the year (Surrey Open [11th March] and the Southampton Open [30th April]) with the hope of winning more medals and overall league points.


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