Edward Weedon secures a gold medal at the 2017 Cambridge university trampoline competition.

The Cambridge competition for me was an important practice for BUCS and the first spring series qualifier. My first routine on the day was very strong and received 9’s+ and put me into 1st place by over 2 whole marks.

My second routine the voluntary routine was a lot more nerve-racking, it was the hardest routine by far I had ever done and would have been only the second time I completed it. I made it through the routine although accidently doing an extra move at the end meaning I lost marks.

CambridhgeEven though there were deductions on my voluntary routine I still scored enough to win by 2 whole marks. As a team, Bournemouth came second in the elite category with Jack Durham, Isla Robson, Sian Delaney, and myself all receiving a silver medal.

Quote (Edward Weedon): “Successful event overall and great practice to compete my new voluntary routine at BUCS”

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