Sponsored Massage – SportBU

Wednesday (22/02/2017 – 12.30 to 5pm)

To register your interest and reserve a slot please contact SportBU reception on (01202) 965012


Next Wednesday SportBU will be welcoming a team of extremely dedicated BU students, raising funds by offering massages to all staff/ students and community that would be willing to donate a little toward their cause.

** £6 for 15 minutes and £10 for 30 minutes **



Quote from the Volunteer Group:

blob-b61ab477b6b6c3f9d95d0c4c910ce690-“Andy and I will be travelling to Uganda this July with the charity East African Playgrounds. This amazing opportunity will mean we trek through the Ugandan jungle and find a local community. After spending a week in the community and interacting with them we will have built an incredible playground, enabling the children to discover play and use their imagination”


342434eg £15 funds a tire motorbike for a playground, helping children engage their imagination and creativity.

Not only will this benefit the young disadvantaged children but also will enable young adults to escape poverty by giving the skills they need to become employable. Your donations will go directly toward new equipment and clothing and training in the local african communities:

“Just £20 funds a set of safety equipment for one of our apprentices, a disadvantaged young adult training with East African Playgrounds to become a qualified welder of builder – boots, gloves, ear defenders, goggles, gloves and overalls!”

In addition, after the playground is built the group will continue onto a Gorilla Trek.  Here we will spend a few days trekking through the beautiful landscape and into the heart of the jungle to observe some of the most critically endangered silverback gorillas. Some of the money fundraised will go towards the Ugandan government in order to conserve the life of these animals.

downloadFor more information on the expedition please visit the groups fundraising page
Andy’s Uganda Gorilla Trek

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