453453Dorset won the south west inter-counties water polo tournament for the first time this millennium and it featured three Bournemouth university players, Matthew helps, Jackson Mullins and Nathan Perren.

It was an early start when Dorset triumphed 11-2 over Somerset with BU’s J. Mullins and N. Perren scoring most of the goals. Next was an extremely close game against Devon in which M. Helps scored a wonderful goal to level the score and then set up the winner in dying seconds to win 8-7. Dorset then cruised past Cornwall 7-4 with all the BU players scoring yet again. However, Dorset then narrowly lost to Devon 6-7. Setting up a winner takes all match with last year’s winners Wiltshire. The Game started off tight and tense with the first half ending 3-3. Goals from all BU representatives with no reply took the score away from Wiltshire with Dorset coming out victors 8-3. Dorset winning the trophy was great achievement for the BU boys and team members stated how vital the 3 boys were in winning the tournament. BU have recently set up a water polo and this just highlights the talent Bournemouth holds for water polo. Hopefully this win encourages new participation and interest in the incredible sport.

“it’s a brilliant achievement by the team and bodes well for the future of Dorset water polo and shows the opportunities available for the new university water polo team” Matthew Helps, president of the new BU water polo club and representative of the Dorset team

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