SportBU Mannequin Challenge

Click to Watch our Mannequin Challenge, Enjoy!

 Last Tuesday a small team of dedicated Staff and Students set out to do the next Big Mannequin Challenge Video, We think they Succeeded!


Video & Post Analytics

On the night there were over 100 volunteers that took part, all from different sporting/ fitness backgrounds, adding their contribution and making the 2016 Mannequin Video as popular as we’re seeing currently (Figures in image above). A more personal and special shout out has to go out to the PUMP , POLZ APART and PERFORMANCE NETBALL groups, yes the guys in the Gym were amazing, but these groups of eager and enthusiastic students really showed off the more of the unseen aspects of SportBU and the hard working individuals within them.


We are Nearly There!

So Far, as you can see from the Image above we have 23,587 views, 58,903 People Reached 1,237 combined Likes and a combined total of 368 shares which is amazing! So amazing, looking back through the social media history of SportBU, is the most popular video/ promotion that the dept has produced (EVER!), and is currently ranked 10th for popularity for Bournemouth University as a whole. To put this in greater perspective, we’re only 5,000 views off Radio 1’s View Count (See pic to the right).

We’ll obviously be keeping an eye on figures over the coming weeks, we’re all very excited with the success of a simple, but brilliant, piece of videography. Please if you can, watch; Enjoy & share this video with your family and friends (Link at top of page) and help us get this view count as BIG as possible.

dsc_0420dsc_0411Special thanks to David Kenward, Shaun Osbourne and Stephen Dewdney for conjuring the idea as well as taking time out of their day to come and film. Well Done all!

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