TRA & DMT English Championships 2016 – Results

Coventry hosted the 2016 English Trampolining Championships over the weekend 19th 20th November.

Silver Team – 1st Place
Silver Synchro Mixed – 1st Place
Gold Synchro Male (senior) – 2nd Place
Individual – Crashed on Set and final Vol
The team placed 1st with over 29 accumulative points.

Warm ups went well and I was feeling nervous but confident with my routines. Initial routine started well however the timing was off and I lost my balance on the last move causing me to land on the end deck. Up next was the voluntary routine, this went well and I managed to complete all 10 moves. The final meant having to repeat the voluntary routine and had high hopes in myself. The first 5 moves of the voluntary were great, high, tidy and powerful, then sadly move 6 just got away from me putting me on the end deck.  One mistake cost me my position but this is all about performance and striving for perfection.

Gold Synchro- After the first synchro set routine myself and Lewis were looking strong and are in a high chance for a gold medal. The voluntary routine however saw myself make a huge error in doing the wrong move at number 9 meaning we were only marked out of 8 moves. We still however placed 2nd.

Silver Team- My set routine went well receiving high 8’s for it. The voluntary routine was successful with all 10 moves being completed. It was not the tidiest however it had a high enough tariff to put myself and my team in a strong position.

Player Quote – Edward Weeden: “Stressful, lots of ups and downs, and mistakes but a positive attitude at the end of the day knowing that this is the experience I need and that it has motivated me to go back to training and train harder than ever before”

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