Obstacle Course Racer James Ruckley was one of the 27 who qualified from 2388 people trying to attend this tough and grueling sport. 13001220_1178558772156174_5247575692969281233_n

My race went well over all. I turned up extremely ill and was sick a number of times in the starting pen and throughout the race but managed to crush the opposition for the first 10 miles of brutal hills and challenging obstacles. At this stage with only 400m to go I had a lead of 38 minutes over my age group rival and was sat in 3rd overall with a big lead on 4th. Sadly through the frozen river swims and cold metal keg carries etc took their toll on my hands turning them numb inside my neoprene gloves. I arrived at the final obstacle, one which I designed myself and I’d be backed to complete 999 times out of 1000 but couldn’t grip. The obstacle was a scaffold Rig formed by a collection of rings, money bars, traverse bars, ball holds, metal chains and different length ropes you have to hang and swing from before tapping a bell at the end. With numb hands wet and wet chains it took my lead and having spent 80 minutes retrying against my 3 age group rivals ones they arrived I had to cave in as 2 of them finally made it and I lost my championship. I was favourite and throughout Europe I’m considered one of the best at these obstacles so this hit me hard. It’s taken me a few days but I’m feeling okay about it now – if you’re leading a race by 38 minutes after 10 miles and fail one thing that’s not a failure, I crushed everyone until that point, I just need to train for cold wet rigs with numb hands. 2388 people qualified throughout this year to attend the race, and only 27 completed this final obstacle. 

I ended up placing 4th so not horrific by any means, but a failure by my relative standards and expectations. The individual who placed 3rd in my age category took over 8 hours to complete the course where as I took 1 hour 20 minutes, but with his completion of the rig he is automatically ranked higher than me… Its a hard game some times.

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