RELAYS Ambassadors are soon to be launching this years first Futsal League and are accepting teams on a first come first serve basis.

imageedit_1_7384343747RELAYS stands for Regional Education Legacy for Art and Youth Sport and was born prior to the London 2012 Olympics. The project uses the mediums of ART, MUSIC and SPORT to engage children, young people and adults from a diverse range of backgrounds and establishments.  

The League teams are suggested to comprise of 7-9 players with 5 playing at a time, and games will be played on Sundays, 16:00 – 18:00.

Image result for facebookThe organisers have asked that if people any inquiries, then to visit their Facebook page for more information and to get in touch. This page will also be used throughout the season letting all players know the fixtures, the results, who will be refereeing and an up to date league table.


Want to become a RELAYS Ambassador, or want more information on what that entails? Click the link below and see how you can get amazing sporting opportunities during your time at Bournemouth University. 

RELAYS - volunteering opportunities




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