Edward provided the following summary of the weekend:

Day 1 The first day of the competition started off with an unfortunate delay, leading to my group competing 2 hours later than expected at 7pm. Despite this the first set routine was solid and gained me respectable marks of medium eights. The voluntary routine was also a huge success and I gained low eights for this routine as well, putting me in the lead and in the final by at least 4 whole points.

Day 2 started much better however the nerves were much higher. Due to coming 1st on day 1 I would compete last in my flight, meaning I was the last person to compete on the entire day, everybody watching, waiting. The first routine went okay, it wasn’t the best however it did have the highest time of flight out of the competition (highest in the air). Routine 2 started brilliant with the first two moves on the cross, sadly the middle 4 moves lost me a lot of marks leading to high sevens in this voluntary routine. Due to a zero final meaning scores from yesterday did not count and day 2 not so great routines I was placed 3rd overall. Still a great success but also showing myself that there is more to come.

Overall the weekend was a success and great practice for the national qualifiers. I also saw a vast improvement in myself since moving to Bournemouth and starting at a new club which is great comfort. I aim to continue improving and go about my next competitions in a similar manner as the BUCS nationals.

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