Last week three Bournemouth University students attended the British Universities and Colleges Sport Deloitte Leadership Academy at Kings College London.  This Academy which focuses on Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow targets those in leadership positions within university sports teams and clubs.

Gustaf Sander (American Football), Max West (Lacrosse) and Elliot Beesley (Lacrosse) were all selected to attend the day of workshops, lectures and team working exercises and represent BU’s most successful year within the Academy.

Each representative has reported on how they found the day:

Gustaf Sander (American Football)

It was a great day with both theory and practice alongside like-minded sportsmen/women and senior professionals who knew their stuff. It was a very well organized day that challenged and pushed me to learn more about leadership. The theory done in the morning got put to the test through various workshops that were elaborate and well prepared. I would advise any future or current captain in any sports team to apply for this next year as it is also recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management, and it was great fun!

Max West (Lacrosse)

It was really insightful learning from experts about various aspects of leadership, came back with a totally different perspective on it. Definitely recommend it to anyone else who has the chance! I wish I had known all the things they taught us back at the start of the season!

The team exercises really tested what they were trying to teach us and being able to try them out straight away was brilliant.

Elliot Beesley (Lacrosse)

Friday was really good, well worth the trip!

The day really tested us and we definitely were put out of our comfort zones, learnt a lot and feel like we will be able to implement some of the things learnt into the team and moving forwards after university.

In the morning we had seminars with different guys from military, police and sports back grounds on communication, performance, leadership etc. Then in the afternoon we had timed activities to complete as teams where we had to implement what we had learnt in the morning.

I would recommend it, real eye opening day! 


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