Badminton Women 1

The girls had a tough blow at the start of the season with two of their top players carrying injuries from the 2014/15 campaign. After a strong influx of players during trials week they have still been very successful in the league with four out of five wins.

Training has been competitive and challenging with the girls feeling positive that they will continue to see improvements for the rest of the season. The team have combined their training with the mens side which has been great fun and has incorporated some new challenges. It’s allowed the players to gain new tactical ideas and bond with the mens team by adding another dimension to training, resulting in bringing them all altogether as a united team.

The team continue to remain in good spirit and hopefully this will show for the rest of the season.

Badminton Men 1

The badminton men have been working hard this season and have had some really close matches which has really improved the entire team. Although the results haven’t been kind to the BU side, the team have been rapidly improving both in terms of personal and group skill. The buy in from the guys to the S&C training programme has seen made some significant changes to the physical fitness of player. The team are also really valuing the other support services available at BU, especially with two key players, James and Jeremy (captain) who have both had issues resolved by the AECC sprint chiro’s. The team have three matches left for the season and will be looking to turn around the close matches into wins.

Head Badminton coach Martin Wells said “with a great team effort anything can be achieved.” There is a strong coaching team and BU would like to thank the Voluntary support of the Topracket Coach Joe Wright.

The badminton programme continues to establish great relationships with the local community and is growing its social sport offering which is open to all. For details on our social sport programme check out our timetable.

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