sportBU’s Wallisdown football pitches played host to the highly anticipated Intramural 11-a-side Cup semi-finals.

This past weekend’s games included many of the football teams currently jostling for position at the top of the intramural league table and with not much to choose between them there, things looked to be much the same during Saturday’s Cup matches.

League leaders, and maximum point holders, Tekkerslovakia played fifth placed Galacticos in a tense match with the top of the table side narrowly winning 1-0.

In the other game, second placed CSKA BU were matched against seventh placed Passalona in wet and windy conditions. It was another close game with CSKA going through with a two-one victory and they will now meet Tekkerslovakia on the 26th April at Wimborne Town’s, Cuthbury ground.

Aidan Golds (Tekkerslovakia Midfielder), ‘We are on for the treble after winning the 5-a-side cup already and we have never even dropped a point this season.’

Jamie Beamish (CSKA BU Captain) ‘After watching our rivals, Tekkerslovakia struggle through the quarters and semis, CSKA BU are hoping to make it two cup wins in 2 years next term with their flawless champagne football’