Research Findings

Research Outputs

The following articles on the research process are available:

Jones, K. (2013) “Research as Fiction: ‘The Return of Rufus Stone'” Sociological Imagination Dec 22, 2013 Also available here.

Fenge, L.A., Jones, K. Read, R. (2010)  “Connecting Participatory Methods in a Study of Older Lesbian and Gay Citizens in Rural Areas” in the International Journal of Qualitative Research. Also available here.

Fenge, L.-A., Jones, K. (2011)  “Exploring Sexuality, Ageing and Rurality in a Multi-Method, Performative Project”  British Journal of Social Work. Also available here.

Jones, K. Fenge, L.-A., Read, R., Cash, M. (2013) “Collecting Older Lesbians’ and Gay Men’s Stories of Rural Life in South West England and Wales: ‘We Were Obviously Gay Girls … (So) He Removed His Cow From Our Field'” Forum: Qualitative Social Research Also available here.

Jones, K. (2012) Connecting research with communities through performative social science”. The Qualitative Report, 17(Rev. 18), 1-8. The paper makes a case for the potential of arts-based social science to reach audiences and engage communities. Also available here.

Jones, K. (2013; August) Infusing biography with the personal: writing Rufus Stone”. Creative Approaches to Research. An auto-ethnographic report on the writing of the film’s story and working with a professional film director. Also available here.

Jones, K. (with T. Hearing) (2013) “Turning research into film: Trevor Hearing in conversation with Kip Jones about the short film, Rufus Stone”. Ch. in Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences, M. Lichtman, Ed.  New York: Sage Publications.

Jones, K. Fenge, L.-A. (2013) “Involving older gay men in research: the lure of group experience”.  Ch. 7 in Men and Masculinities (209- 222) B. Pini & B. Pease, Eds. Basingstoke UK: Palgrave.

Jones, K., Carrigan, M. (2013) 5 Minutes with Kip Jones: “we engage in the creative process and open new doors for communication”  London School of Economics Impact Blog

Two short A/V pieces that were created for conference/workshop dissemination are also available. They both give the background and an overview of the methods used in the project.
Gay and Pleasant Land?
Exploring sexuality, ageing and rurality in a multi-method project

Gay and Pleasant Land Research Team

Advisory Committee members gather for a meeting Jan 2009

Advisory Committee members gather for a meeting Jan 2009

Advisory Committee Members

  • Sarah Stephenson (Intercom Trust)
  • Lindsay River (Polari)
  • Ann Fannin (Gay & Grey Project) (deceased)
  • Tina Hicks (Gay & Grey Project)
  • Kevin Hall (Gay & Grey Project)
  • Hilary Foggo (Age Concern Dorcester)
  • Michele Board (Bournemouth University)
  • Rachel Auckland (Stonewall Cymru)
  • Martyn Jones (Age Concern Cymru)
  • Stewart Harrison (Gay & Grey)
  • Vicky Worthington (Intercom Trust)
  • David Warden (Dorset County Council LGBT Group)
  • Sue Robinson (Intercom Trust)
  • Brenda Weston (Equality South West)
  • Sue Warr – Dorset County Council
  • Sarah-Jane Meredith  (South West Screen)