Dutch student builds on Rufus Stone with project on LGBT teens

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A student from the Netherlands, Coco Sips, has spent time recently in Bournemouth and Dorset learning about LGBT teens and particularly those isolated in rural settings. Her study had resonance with the film, Rufus Stone, and so Coco sought the advice Executive Producer and Lead of the Gay and Pleasant Land? Project, Kip Jones, when planning her study.  She also sought advice from Intercom Trust, a organisation that was central to the earlier project on isolated older lesbians and gay men in rural south west England. Coco then worked closely with a local LGBT youth project’s organisers and teens to produce her report and a short video, Into SPACE.

Participant in the Inside SPACE video

Participant in the “Into SPACE” video

In the short film, young LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people tell their story about feelings of acceptation and social exclusion living in the rural area of Dorset, Southwest of England. The film was produced by Coco Sips as a result of her thesis project, “Social Exclusion amongst young LGBT people living in Rural Dorset” and performed on behalf of Space Youth Project, a non-governmental organization in Dorset.

The film can be viewed here.

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