Film’s momentum continues to build audiences and impact

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The short film, Rufus Stone, (Kip Jones, Author and Executive Producer), moves from strength to strength. The movie was based on research as part of Research Councils UK funded research at Bournemouth University and a project of the national New Dynamics of Ageing programme. Premièred in the Autumn of 2011, the film went on to be shown at film festivals where it won awards and featured at academic conferences and seminars. The film’s roll-out in community settings is beginning to gain momentum as of this writing.

Recent activities:

Rufus Stone was screened as part of an ESRC Festival of Social Science event at BU in November for representatives of health and social care organisations.

A Masterclass was held in April where representatives from both statutory and voluntary groups came to Bournemouth for two days and learned about our research, viewed the film and took part in exercises drawn from a ‘Method Deck’.

The film was screened in January at Birkbeck/University of London’s Gordon Square cinema in Bloomsbury for their Doing Critical Social Research seminar series. 

Cambridge University welcomed Rufus to the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse cinema on the 22nd of February as part of their Arts and Science Researcher Forum. A Q&A with Jones and Rufus Stone’s director, Josh Appignanesi, followed the screening; the Media School’s Trevor Hearing moderated.

A screening of Rufus Stone was held on 18 March at Talbot campus, hosted by BU Media School’s Narrative Group.

Community screenings at local cinemas in Poole and Wareham took place during the BU Festival of Learning on June 5th at the Lighthouse and June 12th at the Rex. Both with lively Q&A following.

Buzz around the film has also hit the net. The Sociological Imagination features the trailer for the film on its pages and discusses ‘Turning Research into Film’.  The Qualitative Report frequently features updates about Rufus Stone in its Weekly Report and recently ran a review of the film by author and educator, Patricia Leavy. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) “Impact of Social Science” web pages recently interviewed Kip Jones about Rufus Stone. 5 Minutes with Kip Jones: “we engage in the creative process and open new doors for communication”.

Recent and Upcoming Publications:

Jones, K.; Fenge, L-A.; Read, R. & Cash, M. (2013). Collecting Older Lesbians’ and Gay Men’s Stories of Rural Life in South West England and Wales: “We Were Obviously Gay Girls … (So) He Removed His Cow from Our Field”. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 14(2), Art. 7, The paper outlines the research behind the film, then presents in-depth life stories of four of the research participants.

Jones, K. (2012) Connecting research with communities through performative social science. The Qualitative Report, 17(Rev. 18), 1-8. The paper makes a case for the potential of arts-based social science to reach audiences and engage communities.

Jones, K. (2013; August) “Infusing biography with the personal: writing Rufus Stone”. Creative Approaches to Research. An auto-ethnographic report on the writing of the film’s story and working with a professional film director.

Jones, K. (with T. Hearing) (in press 2013) “Turning research into film: Trevor Hearing in conversation with Kip Jones about the short film, Rufus Stone”. Ch. in Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences, M. Lichtman, Ed.  New York: Sage Publications.

Jones, K. Fenge, L.-A. (2013, in press) “Involving older gay men in research: the lure of group experience”.  Ch. 7 in Men and Masculinities (209- 222) B. Pini & B. Pease, Eds. Basingstoke UK: Palgrave.


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