Ultimate trailer for Rufus Stone released!

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The joint efforts of Trevor Hearing (BU Media School), Ross Hillard (composer) and Kip Jones (Media School & HSC) have produced a short trailer for Rufus Stone the movie that captures both the story of the film as well as the beauty of its cinematography in two and a half minutes.

Click on link below:

Play full screen, turn up the sound and enjoy!

Rufus Stone is a film about love, sexual awakening and treachery, set in the bucolic countryside of south west England, and viewed through the lens of growing older. It is based on knowledge gathered as part of the research project “Gay and Pleasant Land? – a study about positioning, ageing and gay life in rural South West England and Wales.”

Our thanks to Pam Postrel, mOcean Entertainment in LA, for her advice on making this trailer. mOcean‘s most recent success was producing the trailer for the Hollywood block-buster, ‘The Avengers’.

Watch for future screenings of the film at conferences and film festivals over the year.  Through this process, we hope to develop resources to disseminate the film more widely.  Always happy to talk with any parties who might offer possibilities for exhibition and/or distribution of the film! Please contact Kip Jones, Executive Producer, at kipworld@gmail.com



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