Kimmeridge Theatre venue for World Premiere

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Kimmeridge Theatre on Bournemouth's Talbot campus

High definition screens, surround sound and oak panelled floors await the audience for the world premiere of the film, Rufus Stone on 16 November at 2 p.m.  The recently completed Kimmeridge Theatre on the Talbot Campus of Bournemouth University will be the venue for the first screening of this ground-breaking film.

Audience members can be expected to be impressed by the building’s superb audio visual facilities, including the digital video projection that enables the highest quality imaging and a surround sound system.

There are 72 speakers in the theatre, contributing to the revolutionary digitally-processed artificial audio environment that will allow live acoustics and excellent projection quality. The  speakers and 15-foot wide high definition screen guarantee a more exciting and enjoyable cinematic experience.

A total of 14 miles of cabling were used, all stylishly hidden in and above the raft ceiling and recessed into walls.


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