What is PDU?

The Practice Development Unit is an accredited unit that HSC have been using for over 15 years across NHS Trusts to provide a mechanism for recognition of teams’ efforts to improve working practices through team working and leadership.  The process is multidisciplinary and as it is aimed at a team embracing continuous quality improvement. 

It has been used for the first time internally in the School of Health & Social Care (now [since January 2015] Faculty of Health & Social Sciences) with the team of academic and administrative staff engaged with our largest student group for one framework, namely the Undergraduate Nursing programme.  The team engage with the students at every stage of their journey from pre-admission through to Graduation. 

The aim of this team was and is to look at how services they provide to both students and other staff can be improved.  The goal is to ensure they provide and embed a culture of service excellence within the team.  The ethos of Practice Development is to provide a continuous improvement, so that it never ends and becomes business as usual for staff to work together and aim for service improvments at every interaction with a member of staff or a student.

Some people who have experience of PDU have said.

“Has made us really think about what we are doing”
Children’s Centres

“Offer an opportunity to identify examples of good practice and assist all teams to promote and integrate these within day to day work”
Acute Psychiatry

“It supports the University’s commitment to service excellence and has clearly strengthened the reality of an integrated team between academic and professional staff and has demonstrated the commitment of the administrative staff to ensure the quality of the student experience is at the heart of the work they carry out.”
Clive Andrewes, Director of Employer Engagement at HSC