When I returned to Bournemouth University I knew two things: I wanted to work as hard as I could, and I wanted to join the student union as a course rep. After graduating from my BA in 2010, I felt that I skirted around the true university experience – I hadn’t joined any clubs or… Read more »

That extra something on your CV

James Lee has some tips on how you can enhance your career prospects and build your CV… Having been there, done that and got the (Undergraduate) Degree, I feel suitably qualified to highlight the importance of not just developing yourself academically while at University, but also taking advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities too. With competition… Read more »

Students collect 1.9 tonnes of food for local food banks

Forty volunteers donated nearly two tonnes of food to local food banks as part of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University’s (SUBU) ‘Big Feed’ event. The ‘Big Feed’ sees teams compete against each other in an attempt to collect as many food donations as possible, the food being purchased by willing shoppers across Bournemouth and… Read more »

An introduction to SUBU…

With the new academic year in full swing, some of you might already be familiar with SUBU – the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University.  From the Trampolining Club to the Bacon Society, there’s certainly something for everyone when it comes to getting involved. As well as hosting a whole range of clubs and societies, SUBU is working hard… Read more »

SUBU what’s in it for you?

What do the following words have in common–a voice for students, advice, fun events/activities, clubs and societies, and Nerve* Media? Students Union at Bournemouth University (aka SUBU) and you (plus the whole of your university career, of course). [To be read in Morgan Freeman’s voice] Here at BU, we like to give you options. Options… Read more »