How I changed my career path with a Master’s degree

Not everyone knows who they exactly want to become in the future before going to a university and most of them choose a major because it was the best option at that time. What if after completing your undergraduate programme, you realise that this isn’t really what you wanted? The answer, in my case, is… Read more »

From a PhD at BU to a life in Australia

When my former PhD supervisor, Professor Mark Brisbane, asked me to write a blog, I wasn’t convinced anyone would be particularly interested. But when I think about it, my pathway to my current job working in Australia is maybe helpful in thinking about alternative careers for those wonderful degrees you all will (or do already)… Read more »

Why I chose to study in the UK

Nowadays when considering studying abroad it’s easy to get lost in tons of options, even universities in non-English speaking countries are offering various English-taught courses. I am studying a Master’s degree in Bournemouth and as a person who has been through the decision-making journey I’d like to share with you guys some thoughts of why… Read more »

Coping with homesickness

Homesickness is something that affects many students, and not just those who have travelled hundreds of miles to university. Even if you only live a short distance away, you’ll probably miss home at some point. You might even feel fine at the beginning, but suddenly start feeling homesick after you’ve settled in. As postgraduate students,… Read more »

Balancing study and a part-time job

Many students work part-time alongside studying, either because they need some extra funds or they just want to be independent. Some students also want to gain relevant experience to enhance their employability or simply want to explore life “out there”. Whatever the reason is, I believe a part-time job will surely benefit you in one… Read more »

Our New Year’s resolutions

We asked our bloggers to tell us their New Year’s resolutions, and here’s what they had to say! Lauren Bishop My resolutions are not so much New Year’s ones as on-going things I want to achieve: doing well in my Master’s, getting super fit on my bike, performing well in my job and generally being… Read more »

My Academic Scholarship

Like many people considering postgraduate study, one of my biggest concerns was funding. I was fortunate enough to have the support of my parents in addition to taking out a loan, but what made things so much easier was being awarded BU’s Academic Scholarship. When I first started researching Master’s degrees in the UK, the… Read more »

A day in the life of a Radio Production student

Let me walk you through my busy day as an MA Radio Production student! I’m on Talbot campus for about 8.45, ready for a radio workshop at 9.00 and I have just enough time to return a Tas-Cam DR 40 to the Kit room. As MA students it’s easy to borrow professional standard kit for… Read more »

My experience of the Postgraduate Development Award

Joining the Postgraduate Development Award is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The PGDA allowed me to fully develop myself personally and professionally, and has given me transferable skills which will benefit me for my whole life! I achieved the Gold Award and Outstanding Contribution Award which is something I am very… Read more »

My first week at BU

My name is Suyan. I have just completed a Master’s degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management at Bournemouth University, and have just recently secured a graduate job in London which I am very excited about! I am originally from China. Here is a summary of my first week at BU. I chose Bournemouth University,… Read more »