A Day in my Life as an Indian PG Student (Pre Lockdown Life!)

***This post was written before lockdown measures in the UK***   Hi guys! I’m Malvika Shahi and I’m doing my Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing at Bournemouth University. Transitioning into a different culture can seem hard but Bournemouth is so diverse and inclusive that you fall in love with the place and forget all… Read more »

The pros of being a student ambassador

Diana Pelino is from Italy and is studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design. In this vlog she presents three reasons to become a student ambassador. By watching her vlog you will understand better how it is to feel part of this team and will also take a sneak peek at the Ambassador Awards… Read more »

The “Pink Hoody” Team

I am Sugandha Bhandari from India, currently doing my Masters in Corporate Communication at Bournemouth University. I work for BU as an international student ambassador, which gives me the opportunity to belong to the “pink hoodie” team that represents the university. Pay above average There are a lot of benefits to being a student ambassador,… Read more »