Studying in the UK vs Bulgaria

MSc Tourism Management and Marketing student, Martina Gardeva, shares her experience with studying in the UK and how it compares with studying in her country, Bulgaria. When coming to the UK to study, some of your biggest concerns might be if you are going to be able to cope with the demanding study environment, and… Read more »

Private rental made easy

I am Martina Gardeva from Bulgaria studying MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. There will come a time when you receive your offer from the university (congrats!) and you must start looking for your next home. Finding private student accommodation can be quite stressful and time consuming – let me help you with my guide for… Read more »

Investing in my future

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” I am Martina Gardeva from Bulgaria studying a Master’s in Tourism Management and Marketing here at BU since September 2017. Exactly a year ago, I was in my final year of studies at a Bulgarian university when I started to think about my future and the… Read more »