Alyssa’s Journey to BU

“I know that I will face many challenges this next year… I am more than willing to put in the effort to overcome these challenges, and I am looking forward to arriving in Bournemouth!” Five years ago I found out that Forensic Anthropology was actually a field of study and ever since, I have been… Read more »

I stayed at BU for my Master’s

Once you’ve decided to study a Master’s, choosing the course can be difficult enough let alone having to go through the whole process again of deciding which university to go to. When faced with this decision I had to do a lot of research and it was almost like the undergraduate process all over again!… Read more »

An American in England

Before accepting my BU offer Despite wanting to live in England for most of my life, I only recently discovered that I have a passion for forensic anthropology, or, the study of human bones to assist in solving crimes. Therefore, Bournemouth University was more than a perfect fit. The MSc Forensic Anthropology program enticed me… Read more »