Budgeting as an Indian in BU (Dubai edition)

Budgeting is an essential life skill, especially for a student. Moving across countries requires meticulous planning in all aspects, one of which is finance. It can be overwhelming to set a budget when you don’t know how expenses compare between countries. I did some research to understand what my monthly budget would look like. But… Read more »

Eating in Bournemouth

Flying all the way to Bournemouth from Texas for University, I had plenty of concerns, the first of them being, “What am I supposed to eat??” While English food isn’t too different from American food, recognising the names of popular restaurants, snacks, and grocery stores took some getting used to. Not too far from the… Read more »

Canadian vs Bournemouth food

Hi, my name is JC. I’m from Canada and am currently doing an MSc in Maritime Archaeology at BU. What Food can you Find in Bournemouth and Poole?: There are so many different grocery stores nearby that you can shop at. My favourite is Aldi. It has almost everything you can think of, even real… Read more »