My favourite projects of the year!

Diana Pelino is from Italy and is studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design. In this vlog  she explains how the quality of her animation projects progressed  through the academic year and shares with us her favourite one. Diana Pelino, Italy, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design, 2017/18

A glimpse into the world of animation

Kamila Bianchi is from Brazil and is studying MA 3D Computer Animation. In this vlog she explains how important it has been to work for the first time collaborating with her classmates in order to create a short animation. Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA 3D Computer Animation, 2017/18

Work on projects that inspire you!

Bruna Tolomeli is from Brazil and is studying MA Post Production Editing. In this vlog she explains that her course requires students to be part of several projects. She also highlights her two favourite projects: a dance film and a music video. Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA Post Production Editing 2017/18

Learning how to host events by doing it!

I am Yi-Hsin Chen from Taiwan. Studying Events Management as my master’s degree has provided me with a wider perspective on both the practical and academic side of events. My favourite project My favourite project on the course was ‘CarnivalU’, which consisted of planning, promoting and delivering a series of educational workshops at The Kia… Read more »

It is all about collaboration and team spirit!

I am Sandra Achim from Romania and I am currently studying an MSc Events Management at Bournemouth University. I really enjoy my course because I like the team spirit and working in groups. To organise events, you need a team of people who will contribute with different expertise to create a great experience for attendees. When… Read more »

When your final project is a dream come true

Hi, I’m Nikki. I’m originally from the Netherlands and came all the way to Bournemouth to study an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing. Luckily, this MA is full of creative and practical projects, which makes the course incredibly fun and helpful. Let me tell you about my all-time favourite project: writing a children’s book… Read more »

When writing assignments gets exciting!

My name is Martina Gardeva and I am a Bulgarian postgraduate student in MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. Writing University assignments can sometimes turns out to be extremely exciting and you get the chance to share all your creative ideas. This was the case with mysecond assignment in the eTourism unit, when we had to… Read more »