Comfort food on a budget

Kamila Bianchi is from Brazil and is studying MA 3D Computer Animation. She always cooks healthy meals at home, but when she goes out she treats herself to some delicious comfort food. In this vlog, she explains how she eats out on a tight student budget. Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA 3D Computer Animation, 2017/18  

Adapting to local flavours

Diana Pelino is from Italy and is studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design. After the initial shock about eating behaviours in the UK, she soon started adapting to local flavours and discovered how international the Bournemouth cuisine really is. Watch her vlog to find out more. Diana Pelino, Italy, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and… Read more »

UK food: reputation vs reality

Giorgios Kapsanakis is from Greece and is studying MA Directing Film and Television. In this vlog he tells us how Bournemouth can be an exciting place to eat, even though we are in England, which does not have such a good reputation when it comes to food. Giorgios Kapsanakis, Greece, MA Directing Film and Television, 2017/18

A foodie in Bournemouth

My name is Martina Gardeva and I am a Bulgarian postgraduate in MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. One of my favourite things to do when I am travelling is to try the local cuisine and taste new recipes. I consider myself a huge food-lover and I am so happy that I have found such diverse… Read more »

Eating as an Indian in Bournemouth

Hi! I am Sugandha Bhadari from India, currently doing my master’s in Corporate Communication at Bournemouth University. Coming from a country that is known as the ‘Land of Spices’, I thought I wouldn’t be able to cook in England or buy spices here, so my mother packed all the spices for me. However, I was… Read more »

Finding your food niche

My name is Siju Yusuf from Nigeria, studying MA Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. Eating in Bournemouth is one of the easiest ways to culturally integrate. With an array of intercontinental provisions – Asian, Thai, African, Caribbean, British, etc – Bournemouth has all you need to find your niche. Food is one of the… Read more »

Mind those gluten-free brownies

Hi! I’m Nikki Mennen. I’m originally from the Netherlands and came all the way to Bournemouth to study an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing. For medical reasons I have to eat gluten free, which is always a bit of an adventure when moving to a new place. Are you allergic or intolerant to gluten?… Read more »