Learning to budget from experience

I am Ella Aaltonen from Finland studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art & Design. When I first arrived at university three months ago, I decided to make a budget for each week. I withdrew the budgeted amount of cash and lived of that money for the week. It worked…for a while. Everybody has their own… Read more »

BU was where I needed to be

This is Alex Parker from Texas, who studied MA 3D Computer Animation here at Bournemouth University. She has recently been interviewed by the British Council USA, and we would like to share her story with you. Why did you choose the UK to study film and media? After an interview with DreamWorks Animation Studios, I… Read more »

Eli’s journey to BU

“Don’t be afraid of having big dreams, because sometimes they do become true…” Sometimes it takes longer than you expect to find exactly what you want to do with your life and what your path is. It took me five years to realise what Master’s degree I wanted to do. I already had a very strong… Read more »