Daniela’s path to an academic career in anthropology

Daniela, from Italy, studied BSc Biological Anthropology at BU before progressing to MSc Applied Sciences by Research. She said: “Before starting my degrees I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career. I knew I was interested in research, human anatomy, archaeology, forensics and psychology, but I couldn’t imagine myself in any of… Read more »

Inspired to follow a career in travel marketing

Growing up on the island of Barbados inspired Bournemouth University graduate Jamie-Lee Abtar to follow a career in travel marketing. Jamie-Lee started her working life greeting new arrivals at Barbados airport. This prompted her to explore further study in marketing and tourism and she enrolled on the MSc Tourism Marketing Management at BU in 2009…. Read more »

What’s next for me?

I can’t quite believe that already I’m nearing the end of my time at Bournemouth University. The next couple of months are going to be extremely busy as I focus on my Master’s project: a 30 minute radio documentary which is due at the beginning of August and will be the last ever piece of… Read more »

How I changed my career path with a Master’s degree

Not everyone knows who they exactly want to become in the future before going to a university and most of them choose a major because it was the best option at that time. What if after completing your undergraduate programme, you realise that this isn’t really what you wanted? The answer, in my case, is… Read more »

Life after graduation: My internship in Malta

When my course finished last April, it was time to start a new life in Europe. It was a tough time in May, because hunting for a job as an inexperienced international student is not easy at all. I have been a student for more than ten years and barely have any work experience. I… Read more »