Living in Corfe House

Hi! My name is JC and I’m doing an MSc in Maritime Archaeology at BU. I’m currently living in Corfe House, student accommodation based in Poole. Corfe house is run by Unite-student. Location! Location! Location! Corfe house is located right beside Aldi supermarket. From my window, I can see the coach station, which makes travelling… Read more »

Living in halls as a PG

Living in halls in first year of an undergraduate degree is something that nearly everyone who goes to university experiences. For me, I lived in the student village: quieter, close to campus, and basically sharing a house. Perfect. So I had never experienced living in a flat before. Nor living five stories up. So when I… Read more »

Living away from home

For international students like me, moving away from home to another country where weather, culture and language are totally different could be tough. Here I will tell you my story of how I found accommodation and how I settled in for the first few days in Bournemouth. I don’t live in BU halls, not because… Read more »

Chesil House, I will miss you

I love Chesil House so much that I signed another contract to live here longer after my first contract ended. I have lived in this student hall for one year and two months now. When I was looking for somewhere to live before I came to BU, there were two potential halls for me, Dorchester House… Read more »

My Corfe House home

Hi, I’m Meera, and I know a lot of you are keen to hear about accommodation at BU. So I thought I’d share my experience of living in Corfe House. Corfe is available for people starting in January too, so listen up if that’s you! It is situated very close to Poole town Centre, Railway… Read more »

House hunting tips

Choosing a property can be a scary experience, especially if this is your first time away from home or you have to arrange things yourself. If you’re opting for a private let, here are a few useful tips for you to keep in mind that will take you through the whole process.     Choose… Read more »

Turning student halls into a home

Truth: I haven’t lived in student accommodation since I was 20 years old (that’s about 7 ½ years ago if you must know), so going back to living in student housing is incredibly strange for me. Then I realised student housing here in Bournemouth is a lot different from any student housing back home. Bournemouth… Read more »

Better together in uni accommodation

I’m taking Msc Event Marketing. Now I’m in the second semester and it’s quite fun studying the core course, rather than the basic units in the last semester. Personally, I stay in a private flat with my Italian flatmate near Bournemouth square, but she isn’t a student. I found this place by searching on…. Read more »