Suitable accommodation will help you succeed in your studies

I am Fang-Wei Su from Taiwan, studying MSc Marketing Management. Finding accommodation can be difficult, especially for international students. Although Bournemouth University supplies many housing choices for students, there are still some factors which influenced my decision to go through private accommodation. Cultural considerations I understand that Western and Eastern cultures are very different, and… Read more »

Private rental made easy

I am Martina Gardeva from Bulgaria studying MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. There will come a time when you receive your offer from the university (congrats!) and you must start looking for your next home. Finding private student accommodation can be quite stressful and time consuming – let me help you with my guide for… Read more »

Okeford House – my home away from home

Hi everyone! I am Sugandha  Bhandari from India, currently doing my Master’s in Corporate Communication. Three months ago, if anyone would have asked me whether I would consider my student accommodation as home, I would have straight up answered them with a big NO. However, time changes perception! Choosing your accommodation is another big step… Read more »

Finding a home for everyone!

I am Patricia Britto from Brazil studying a Master’s in International Political Communication. Moving to Bournemouth to do a master’s program at Bournemouth University was a great change, not only in my life, but also for my whole family – my husband and my two daughters (9 and 12 years old). We rented out the… Read more »

Finding a place you call home

I am Sandra Achim from Romania studying MSc in Events Management. I’m currently living in private accommodation based in Bournemouth and I know that renting privately can be a real challenge. You need to choose your roommates and also check property websites to find the best and the cheapest place to live. The research I… Read more »

6 steps to renting privately

Hi, I’m Nikki Mennen from the Netherlands and I came all the way to Bournemouth to study for an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing. I am renting a private house and live with three other international students. Although Bournemouth University has some great student accommodation, you might want to consider renting a private house… Read more »

Photo of Marta with friends in Okeford House

Okeford House – A paradise for postgraduates

Not sure where to live? Little bit scared? Near the Campus or a little bit further? Or probably your major question is: Flat or Studio? This summer I was really struggling with all of these questions after I got accepted to Bournemouth University. I asked myself: what are my priorities? From this question I started… Read more »

A guide to renting private accommodation

Renting private accommodation after spending your first year in University Halls can be quite an experience. You will probably start by choosing your roommates, visiting letting agents and checking property websites to find the cheapest and best place to live. One of my priorities while searching for my accommodation was to find a letting agent… Read more »

What my Room in Corfe House Contains

Hi! My name is JC and I’m a Canadian currently doing my Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Bournemouth University. Before I came to England, I wasn’t sure what I would find in my flat. I had ideas from what I found online, but that was about it. I am currently living on the seventh floor… Read more »