Why BU is the right choice for me

I am Milla Rasanen from Sweden studying a Master’s degree in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology here at BU since September 2017. After finishing my undergraduate degree in psychology in Sweden, it was time to decide where to do my Master’s degree. I wanted more international experience, so I immediately started looking at options abroad. Eventually,… Read more »

Olivia’s top study tips

Along with all the benefits of summertime in Bournemouth come the unwelcome and unpreventable exams. As an arts student I got away relatively unscathed during my undergrad. While the physicists and medics slogged away at endless weeks of tests and papers, I had only a handful of 3 hour, high pressure scribble fests. However, exams… Read more »

My BU experience

It’s hard to sum up my BU experience in one blog post. There have been ups and downs, achievements, challenges, lessons learnt, and unforgettable moments. On balance it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, and it’s not quite over yet! The biggest challenge I’ve faced is taking on a completely new discipline. I had never… Read more »

Introducing Global BUddies

As you may already know, Global BUddies is a programme led by the Student Services department of Bournemouth University and by students. It aims to increase integration between UK students and international students, but it’s also a great way to share culture, make friends and gain an extensive knowledge about other nationalities – something future… Read more »

Specialist facilities at BU

Bournemouth University is famed for its industry specific courses and combining academia with practical skills. In order to achieve this balance there are a range of specialist facilities on campus, as well as general learning spaces. This allows students to develop professional skills in the environment they can expect to find in the real world,… Read more »

Undergraduate to postgraduate study: A big step!

Some days, postgraduate life seems very different from undergrad. Gone are the carefree days where it was fine – even expected – to spend all day in bed, your entire loan in one week, and all your free time napping.  It cannot be emphasised enough that studying a postgraduate course is a hugely rewarding and… Read more »

Balancing study and a part-time job

Many students work part-time alongside studying, either because they need some extra funds or they just want to be independent. Some students also want to gain relevant experience to enhance their employability or simply want to explore life “out there”. Whatever the reason is, I believe a part-time job will surely benefit you in one… Read more »

Moving to Bournemouth from Brazil

The main reasons I chose BU are the location and atmosphere of the city, reputation of the university and support to international students. Applying to BU was easy as the system is friendly, the instructions are clear and the admissions team is very efficient. My BU life has been incredible! The university really supports international… Read more »

How an MA can change your career – Gemma’s story

Gemma Kauffman graduated from the MA Creative and Media Education course in 2011, and now she works freelance, specialising in social engagement through the arts as well as preparing for her new exhibition, And The Dark And The Dark, which is opening in London in November. Below, Gemma talks about how the MA helped her move… Read more »

Why I belong at BU

I love my course! I was drawn here by the amazing reputation BU has within the film industry and haven’t been disappointed. It’s been great learning about how the industry works. Being able to study and work with friends at university doesn’t feel like an obligation, and there is a very social and relaxed environment… Read more »