Moving to Bournemouth from Brazil

The main reasons I chose BU are the location and atmosphere of the city, reputation of the university and support to international students. Applying to BU was easy as the system is friendly, the instructions are clear and the admissions team is very efficient. My BU life has been incredible! The university really supports international… Read more »

How an MA can change your career – Gemma’s story

Gemma Kauffman graduated from the MA Creative and Media Education course in 2011, and now she works freelance, specialising in social engagement through the arts as well as preparing for her new exhibition, And The Dark And The Dark, which is opening in London in November. Below, Gemma talks about how the MA helped her move… Read more »

Why I belong at BU

I love my course! I was drawn here by the amazing reputation BU has within the film industry and haven’t been disappointed. It’s been great learning about how the industry works. Being able to study and work with friends at university doesn’t feel like an obligation, and there is a very social and relaxed environment… Read more »

Congratulations to the winners of the Research Photography Competition

‘Can you tell the story of your research in a single image?’ That’s the challenge we set BU’s academics and postgraduates earlier this year, and the overwhelming response saw researchers from all across the university downing tools to take up their cameras and think of unusual ways to illustrate their research. The resulting images demonstrate… Read more »

My scholarship story: BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism (International)

My name is Chanunya Boontosang, I’m 28 years old and I come from Thailand. I was awarded a BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism and therefore received a 50% deduction from my tuition fee to study MSc Events Marketing. This has such a massive impact for me! I first heard about this scholarship from a study… Read more »

Our growing campus

Bournemouth finally became a university in 1992 after being a College of Technology, an Institute of Higher Education and a Polytechnic. Its long and varied history means that the campus is constantly being upgraded and the buildings updated to ensure Bournemouth is a great place for future students and staff. Since I’m a member of… Read more »

Why I chose part-time study

Having retired a few years ago, I was desperate to keep the grey cells active and was looking for something new to engage with. Having worked all my life with the health professions, I thought it was time to think about other interests, one of which was archaeology. As I was growing up in the… Read more »

Part-time jobs in Bournemouth

While it’d be ideal for most of us to spend all of our time immersed in the student community, in some cases it’s necessary to earn a few pennies at the same time as studying. Here I’ll give some examples of part-time work available locally. If you really can’t bear to tear yourself away from… Read more »