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Diana Pelino is from Italy and is studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design. In this vlog  she explains how the quality of her animation projects progressed  through the academic year and shares with us her favourite one. Diana Pelino, Italy, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design, 2017/18
Kamila Bianchi is from Brazil and is studying MA 3D Computer Animation. In this vlog she explains how incredible it is to be able to have each season of the year very clearly defined, as well as having short days during the Winter and long days during the Summer. Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA 3D Computer... Read more »
Giorgios Kapsanakis is from Greece and is studying MA Directing Film and Television. In this vlog he gives us some tips regarding leisure activities in Bournemouth. If you are a nature, urban or museum lover you will find his tips very useful. Giorgios Kapsanakis, Greece, MA Directing Film and Television, 2017/18
Yi-Hsin Chen is from Taiwan and she is studying MSc Events Management. In this vlog, she points out what Okeford House has to offer and highlights the advantages of living there from a resident’s perspective. Yi-Hsin Chen, Taiwan, MSc Events Management, 2017/18
Erin Snell is from the United States and is studying BA (Hons) Media and Communications. In her vlog she gives advices on where to find affordable food, clothes and homeware. A very useful and practical guide! Erin Snell, USA, BA (Hons) Media and Communications, 2017/18
Bruna Tolomeli is from Brazil and is studying MA Post Production Editing. In this vlog she introduces the several options available to students at BU who wishes to practice sports and exercise. Having a fully equipped gym and variety of fitness classes on campus, gives you no excuse for being lazy. Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA... Read more »
Kamila Bianchi is from Brazil and is studying MA 3D Computer Animation. She always cooks healthy meals at home, but when she goes out she treats herself to some delicious comfort food. In this vlog, she explains how she eats out on a tight student budget. Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA 3D Computer Animation, 2017/18  
You are not alone when starting you journey with BU. Diana from Italy explains how the university helps student to get used to uni life and gives some information about the Medical Centre, the Music Studios, the Arts & Craft group and the Global Café. By Diana Pelino, Italy, BA (Hons) Computer Animation and Design,... Read more »
Current student, Erin from America, gives you some examples of academic support available to student at BU, such as the Library Help Desk and the Additional Learning Team. By Erin Snell, USA, BA (Hons) Media and Communication  
Erin is from America and is studying Media & Communications at BU. In just under two minutes she gives a detailed explanation of the transport options available to international students living in Bournemouth.