This latest vlog looks into some of the differences between undergraduate and postgraduate study.  Thanks for watching!
A few bits of advice for handling shyness whilst at university, either undergrad or postgrad.
Hey! Here’s a little Vlog with a few tips on balancing work and free time during a postgraduate degree.
I hope you find these money saving tips useful, and feel free to ask questions below!
A look into a Sunday of a postgraduate Scriptwriter…
Master’s student, Danielle Cook, tells her fellow students how she spends her weekends in Bournemouth and the surrounding area.
It’s International Women’s Day today so here are just a few of the women who inspire me.
In honour of Pancake Day I’ve been sent out on a super important mission… To find out what BU students favourite pancake toppings are!
Hello! Welcome to my first little Vlog for Bournemouth University. I’m Luke Ackroyd and I’m currently studying a postgraduate degree in scriptwriting. In this vlog, I talk about why I love my course. Thanks for watching!
Here’s just one of a whole range of days as a postgrad. It’s a crazy ride but so worth it.