Georgios Kapsanakis from Greece gives you have an insight into what a normal day is like for him while he studies Directing Film and Television at BU.
Please watch my video below to find out some helpful tips on what to consider when deciding on your PG course.
Are you thinking of starting a Postgraduate course here at Bournemouth University? Here is a quick video telling you more about my experience doing Producing Film and Television as well as what I love about it. There is a variety of courses to choose from so why not take a look at our website.
Why I chose BU
Hey! Thanks for clicking on this Vlog thing! Today, I’m talking about why I chose to go to Bournemouth university twice!
This year has seemed to whizz by, these are some things that I wish I’d picked up from the start 🙂
Mental health at BU
Here’s  a bit of a chat about my experience with mental health issues whilst studying at Bournemouth University. Feel free to ask any questions and I hope you have a good day!
A quick tour around BU! Come visit to find out more…  
Make the most of your last few months of being a student! Here’s a couple of ideas of how you can be prepared for when you leave.  
These are a few of the places on campus (and a bonus place) that I find make group projects a little easier 🙂
Hey, today I’m going to be talking about alternatives to drinking events at university. Thanks for watching!