Wondering about the facilities BU has to offer postgraduate students? Watch Talya’s video showing some of the things you can expect on our Talbot Campus.
Why BU made my list!
Everyone has their own reasons for choosing BU for their postgraduate studies. In this video, BU vlogger Diane shares her top five reasons why she believed BU was the perfect university for her Master’s degree.
BU vlogger Brianna is here to give you the low down on your finance options for postgraduate study.
Newly recruited student vlogger Julius is here to share his Spaghetti with tomato sauce and tuna recipe. When you’re a student, cooking meals that cost under £2 for two portions has got to be a winner!
Why I loved my course
In her latest vlog, Diane shares her reasons for choosing MSc Events Management.
Why I love Bournemouth
Julius from Germany shares why he chose BU and what he loves about the area.
They really do! They may not involve quite as many wild nights as your undergrad degree, but watch Talya’s vlog to see just a flavour of the things you can get up to as a BU postgraduate student.
We offer loads of great accommodation options both on and off-campus. One of our Halls is Corfe House, based in Poole and with frequent bus connections to the Talbot Campus. George has put together this video of some of the highlights of Corfe House, where is is currently a resident.
If you’re taking the leap from undergraduate to postgraduate study, in her latest vlog, MSc Events Management student Diane shares her views on the main differences you could expect.
Diane admits that applying to BU was one of the best decisions she made. Despite feeling the international student application process was bit tedious, Diane admits it was such a worthwhile experience because she got to join such a good university. Take a look at Diane’s journey to BU story.