MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology student Talya from Turkey talks about Peer-Assisted Learning and other study skills.
Talya, an MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology student, talks about Bournemouth’s weather and outdoor life.
Talya, one of BU’s Student Ambassadors, talks about how to get to Bournemouth University.
If you’re anything like me, then you like going out and getting a good photo for Instagram. If you’re joining Bournemouth University this September, here’s where you should head with your phone and a good friend to take that all important shot!!
In her latest vlog, Diane shares everything you’ll need to know about Student Ambassadors and the benefits of becoming one when you arrive!
Did you know that BU has been awarded EcoCampus Platinum? If you’re anything like me sustainability is important and  during my time at BU I  definitely feel encouraged to do as much as I can for the environment.  There are so many ways you can do this (join me in future vlogs), but today I’m... Read more »
In her latest vlog, Talya shows you what to expect if you come along to one of our Postgraduate Open Days. Visit our website to see forthcoming dates and book your place.
BU is committed to preparing you for the world of work. We will encourage you to take as many development opportunities as possible to enhance your specific skills and knowledge. In her latest vlog, Talya explains some of the support you can expect as a BU postgraduate student.
Originally from Africa, Diane was delighted to discover Bournemouth was home to an African food restaurant. Watch her latest video to find out more about the student-friendly prices.
When you live somewhere so beautiful, you don’t always need lots of money to go out and have fun. Follow undergrad vlogger Donita for a day where she shows you what she gets up to with just £10.