Alyssa’s Journey to BU

“I know that I will face many challenges this next year… I am more than willing to put in the effort to overcome these challenges, and I am looking forward to arriving in Bournemouth!” Five years ago I found out that Forensic Anthropology was actually a field of study and ever since, I have been… Read more »

Roberta’s Journey to BU

My name is Roberta, I am a 28-year old circus lover Biologist from Brazil. I’ve been living in Bournemouth since the beginning of August 2016 and have been falling in love with the town. The first thing I thought when I decided to apply for the MSc in Biological Anthropology at BU was “I’m going… Read more »

Mafalda’s journey to BU

Hi! I’m Mafalda, a 20-year-old girl from Portugal who’s about to join Bournemouth University to study an MA in 3D computer Animation, to add a twist to her academic life. It’s hard for me to delimit my journey to BU, getting to where I am was somewhat of a long run, with a certain amount of obstacles,… Read more »

Lieke’s journey to BU

“It is my dream to build a world with words… I have found my place to start” My name is Lieke. I am twenty-one years old and from the Netherlands. I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Amsterdam. In September I’m moving to Bournemouth to study Scriptwriting. This is my story.  … Read more »

Being Lithuanian in Bournemouth

When I first came to Bournemouth University, I wasn’t expecting to meet many fellow Lithuanians. To my surprise, I met 9 in the very first week! Later I realised that there are many more of us at the university and a whole Lithuanian community in Bournemouth, which really made me feel like home is not… Read more »