Home vs Bournemouth

I am Jaime Gorman from Colorado and I have just started MLit (Hons) English here at BU. My arrival in the UK was more wonderful that I could have imagined and I would like to share my first day across the pond. Sunny blue vs misty green I landed in the UK on a misty… Read more »

Free trip to China!

My experience as an international student in BU couldn’t have been better. I got chosen to be one of 13 students from different faculties and study levels (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) to represent BU in its inaugural Global Festival of Learning 2016. In China. For two weeks! All costs covered! Whoah!  The programme itself is called Destination China Summer… Read more »

Sriranjani’s Journey to BU

“This decision is one of the best I have ever made and there is no looking back” Hello! I’m Sriranjani, a 20-year old Visual Communication graduate from India, joining the MA Advertising course this September. Being an armchair traveler, I decided it was finally time to fly the nest. Pursuing a Master’s degree in the… Read more »

Patricia’s Journey to BU

  “Think of yourself as a little pony facing an obstacle course. The mass of jumps looks terrifying, but you just focus on one hurdle at a time and don’t worry about the next one. You’ll make it to the end.” My journey to BU has not been effortless. I had to work to get… Read more »

Alyssa’s Journey to BU

“I know that I will face many challenges this next year… I am more than willing to put in the effort to overcome these challenges, and I am looking forward to arriving in Bournemouth!” Five years ago I found out that Forensic Anthropology was actually a field of study and ever since, I have been… Read more »

Roberta’s Journey to BU

My name is Roberta, I am a 28-year old circus lover Biologist from Brazil. I’ve been living in Bournemouth since the beginning of August 2016 and have been falling in love with the town. The first thing I thought when I decided to apply for the MSc in Biological Anthropology at BU was “I’m going… Read more »