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Madison Miller

Madison’s story – why I chose MA Media and Communication

Madison has just completed her MA Media and Communication. Before she left, we quizzed her about her BU experience. What was your main reason for studying a postgraduate qualification? I’ve always wanted to continue my education. I thrive in academia. Why did you choose BU? BU is highly ranked for media, they provide a large… Read more »

My life on Talbot Campus

Some of my favourite spaces at Talbot Campus. As a postgraduate student of Corporate Communications under the faculty of Media and Communications all my classes were held on Talbot campus which meant that I got to spend a lot of time there. Getting around in the first weeks wasn’t easy and I must admit I… Read more »

My placement at Obergine

If you don’t already know, the placement search is all but a leisurely walk in the park. There is no “how to guide” which ensures a position with all the best perks. Perhaps, you may find the process easier or have all the right connections, but for most students, especially international students requiring work visas like… Read more »

How to make uni a place like home: The ultimate guide to BU’s welfare and support

Many of us are afraid to face the anxiety of first going to uni; especially if we have to move away from home and sometimes even to another country. An independent life starts; we have to learn to live, study and struggle financially and emotionally – without mommy always around to back us up when something happens…. Read more »

How my previous work-experience is benefiting my Master’s study

Before taking my Master’s I worked for nearly two years as a journalist and I quickly learnt that there are many different approaches to the way of working within this industry. Every company is unique in a way and they all have different ways of operating. Every single day I spent working really was a lesson about how… Read more »