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Photo of Marta with friends in Okeford House

Okeford House – A paradise for postgraduates

Not sure where to live? Little bit scared? Near the Campus or a little bit further? Or probably your major question is: Flat or Studio? This summer I was really struggling with all of these questions after I got accepted to Bournemouth University. I asked myself: what are my priorities? From this question I started… Read more »

Living at BU’s Okeford House

  Okeford House is an accommodation unit specifically for postgraduate students, about 20 minutes’ walk from Bournemouth University, off Wimborne Road. I live by myself in a studio flat, meaning my room contains my sleep and study area, along with a kitchen, shower, and bathroom all in one unit, but having flatmates is a much… Read more »

BU’s Chesil House offers the best of both worlds!

  If you need a quiet and mellow place to come home to then Chesil House is your place. Since a mixture of PG and UG students live in Chesil, there is a perfect balance here. It is easy to make friends and great for the mature student who is looking for a study space and… Read more »