Sports scholarship opportunities

My name’s Garrett Bucklin, I am from the United States and I am currently undergoing the masters of business administration program at Bournemouth University. There are many opportunities and options on the side of funding for each individual to attend this university. It is very diverse and they value a number of different skills and… Read more »

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My BU Dean’s Scholarship – always give yourself credit

My name is Garrett Bucklin, I come from the United States and am studying at Bournemouth University. The Deans Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards given out to applicants. It is an academic scholarship and pays up to fifty percent of an applicants’ tuition. I myself have never been one known for achieving… Read more »

Applying for a scholarship

Applying for a Scholarship Coming from a Psychology background in Colombia, I wanted to find a programme that looked at nutrition with a psychological perspective. After finally finding the master’s programme I wanted at BU, Nutrition and Behaviour, it was time for me to consider my financing options. The first thing I did was to… Read more »

Kamonpa’s reflection on her Tourism Management studies

This is a guest blog from Kamonpa Wangkuanklang, who studied MSc Tourism Management. Kamonpa reflects on her time at BU and the things she had the opportunity to experience during her studies.  A year at BU was very wonderful for me! I was a student in MSc Tourism Management 2017/2018. It was the right choice to study… Read more »

Marta’s Events Marketing journey

This is a guest blog from Marta, studying MSc Events Marketing. Marta explains all about her experience on the course and the opportunity that she has been given while studying her Master’s degree. I’m Marta and I’ll graduate in November in MSc Events Marketing. After ten busy months full of assignments and fun times with my… Read more »

Rebecca’s story – why I chose MSc Biodiversity Conservation

Rebecca recently completed her MSc Biodiversity Conservation. We asked her a few questions about her BU experience. What was your main reason for studying a postgraduate qualification? Redirection into a new career. Why did you choose BU? Renowned department, wonderful location and good university. What are the best things about your course and academic experience overall?… Read more »