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Hi Everyone! Roberta here again, my first months in Bournemouth have been full of discoveries and I can’t help comparing the reality of being here to my previous expectations of what living here would be like.

Where is all that rain?

I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil and the weather there is really beautiful. For the past 9 years I lived in Florianópolis, where the weather is way too humid and hot for me during the summer. I am more of a winter person, to be honest, and was very excited about the English weather! However, since I’ve gotten here, all I’ve seen is lovely sunny weather. I think I was lied to my entire life!

Travelling back in time.

I love walking around the streets of Bournemouth and being able to see houses that are “older than my country”. I haven’t had the time to visit a lot of places yet, but visiting the surrounding areas, such as Christchurch, is really exciting. There are some pretty cool sites over there, and I felt like I was travelling back in time.

It is all ever so green!

I also loved the fact that there are parks and squares everywhere, and even if you have nothing to do, you can walk around and have a good time. In Brazil we have a lot of nature, so I was delighted to see that I won’t be missing that part of my home country here!

 There’s nothing like your mom’s food…

In Brazil, food is very fresh, colourful and with a lot of different flavors … I miss the little Brazilian snacks and sweets, like pastel and paçoca. In Bournemouth you can find a lot of different spices and foods at markets or in grocery stores, but there’s nothing like my mom’s cooking!


I still have a lot to explore and discover in Bournemouth and also in Europe, and I just can’t wait to do it!