Useful Resources

Welcome to your useful resources page. In terms of the diversity of each individual’s learning style, here we provide several types of useful resources that we think can be helpful for your Mathematical and Statistical knowledge, which includes books, journals, online video lectures and useful websites. You can choose from the following types of resources according to your preference then click the topic which will lead to more additional resources to help you.


Have you ever thought about the importance of statistics in court? The Royal Statistical Society and the Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) have just published a guide to statistics specifically for barristers and others working in the legal profession “Statistics and probability for advocates: understanding the use of statistical evidence in courts and tribunals

If you are an economist and you are looking for a problem-motivated and interactive way to learn economics, have a look at the CORE project, economics for a changing world!

If you are working on your (undergraduate, master, PhD) dissertation, you might find useful the following resources: