About Us

The Math & Stat Clinic is a service offered by the Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics and it has been designed to provide supplementary support to students in addition to their current teaching. Over the long run we wish to extend this service to all students at BU, but the initial focus will be on supporting the Accounting Framework students.

Why Provide this Service?

It is increasingly evident that there is a gap in the numeracy skills of many students entering UK higher education institutes. The Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics at BU recognizes that due to a variety of reasons, many students lack the confidence to cope with the mathematical requirement of their studies. As such this Math & Stat Clinic is being developed to provide all BU Accounting Framework students the opportunity to enhance the mathematical and statistical skills required to be successful both in their degree and in their future employment.

Our Aim:

To improve the mathematical and statistical skills of BU graduates via increased and improved mathematical and statistical support through a centre dedicated to aiding, enabling and empowering the students with the necessary skills.


  • The service is not intended to be used a replacement for, or alternative to, any teaching provided by individual departments.
  • It is not intended for the facility to be used as a mathematical/statistical consultancy.