Welcome to the new M.A.D. About the Wreck Website!

Welcome everybody to the brand new M.A.D. About the Wreck Website. It is up and it is running!
From now on, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter, you can find all that is going on and what has been happening by visiting this site. Whether you are a teacher, a student or someone with a keen interest, we have included all sorts of fun and useful things that will help you get involved in the fascinating subject that is Marine Archaeology!

Have an explore and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Project Launch unveils recently raised artefact

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 people gathered at Poole Museum to support the launch of a new project following a grant of over £140,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund.

Michael Spender, Museum Manager, welcomed guests to the museum introducing guest speakers including Cllr Judy Butt and Alison James from English Heritage. Paola Palma, Project Manager introduced Maritime Archaeology Days About the Wreck, which will make maritime archaeology accessible to the community using as a vehicle the seventeenth century Swash Channel Wreck, discovered just outside Poole Harbour.

Simon Timms, Chair of Heritage Lottery Fund’s South West Committee spoke in support of the project as Her Worshipful The Mayor of Poole, Cllr Carol Evans, and unveiled a find recently raised from the Swash Channel Wreck.

Dave Parham, Bournemouth University, was on hand to talk to guests about this new find, a wooden gun port lid, which had been raised from the wreck a few days earlier.


Arts University Bournemouth

Great News

We now have three projects with the Arts University, the first of which is the 17th century replica shoes which should be ready by the end of March.

The  merman puppet designs have been completed and we hope to see the finished product very soon!

The final project is being organized by a 3rd year student who in a previous life had been a boat builder so we looking forward to his ideas for the project.

Portland Academy Project Day

Well the team are going to Portland to deliver a day workshop on

maritime archaeology and the historic environment of Portland Bill.

We have 25 yr 10 students who are going to learn about triangulation,

 GPS, tidal action and small fishing industries and lots of other stuff


Bournemouth Art’s University Frankey to create replica 17th Sailors Shoes

Frankey Pinnock


We are thrilled that Frankey is going to create a pair of  17th Century sailors shoes as part of her final year studies at Bournemouth Art’s University.

This is the first part of a  collaboration with Bournemouth Art’s University to promote and foster education about the Swash wreck and maritime archaeology, we will keep you posted with updates

Falmouth – Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014

The Falmouth-Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2014 is a unique opportunity for individuals of all ages and organisations to be involved and take part in a world class event. As well as being in great locations, the welcome and support the Tall Ships can expect in these two ports will be second to none.

For further information, please visit:

Falmouth Tall Ships

Royal Greenwich Tall Ships

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