New edition of The Bournemouth Rock hits the stands

The Bournemouth Rock: the first edition of 2013

The latest edition of the Bournemouth Rock is now available to read on campus and online, marking the first issue of 2013.

The paper was handed out to students in the Talbot Campus atrium this morning, as well as free copies of The i Paper.

The fortnightly newspaper’s front-page story focuses on a BA Multimedia Journalism student’s recent trip to Somaliland.

Owen Evans, a final-year student, visited Somaliland during the summer as part of a One World Media project to produce a documentary.

Within an hour of his arrival, the Media School student was caught up in a risky situation.

Tazz Gault, news editor, said, “A ‘guard’ shoved an AK47 in his face, which was the point that he thought he could die.

“Luckily, the people he was with persuaded the man that he was Somali-Greek, which meant he was unharmed.”

Owen said he was “flattered” to be the story for once, rather than being the author behind it, but said the important thing is to let everyone know about Somaliland.

“I’m doing my multimedia project on Britain’s relationship with old territories and the responsibility that it has with them.”

The latest edition also features a number of health-related stories, covering the Health Protection Agency’s announcement that a record number of gay and bisexual men were diagnosed with HIV last year.

This figure surpassed the number of diagnoses for heterosexuals for the first time since 1999, the highest annual figure since records began.

As well as these stories Tazz added, “As ever, we also have the fun and strange stories, such as a piece looking into the first ever garlic competition that will be held in Dorset.

“We’ll also be looking at some of our students taking the new UK citizenship test.”

The Bournemouth Rock is available to pick up on all Bournemouth University campuses and can be read online.

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