‘So You Want to be a Journalist’ conference

Bournemouth Media School sponsored two sessions at the ‘So You Want to be a Journalist’ conference at City University in London last week.

Aspiring journalists who attended the conference could get tips on broadcast journalism from Tom Bradby, political editor of ITV News, and video producer John Domokos who works for The Guardian.

And experienced journalists such as Simon Hattenstone, Janet Murray and Camilla Long were on had to give advice on how to write the perfect feature.

Liisa Rohumaa, who teaches journalism at Bournemouth University, chaired a special session called Data is Sexy with James Ball of The Guardian and Helen Lewis of The New Statesman who were on the panel.

Also on the panel was Paul Bradshaw, an expert on data journalism and co-author with Liisa Rohumaa of The Online Journalism Handbook. He said: “Data isn’t sexy. But journalism is. Its looking at the data but the story is about what it says is going on and how it affects people and policy.”


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